Kate Off The Mat

Learning Designer

Learning and development are integral parts of Kate and designing learning opportunities is her passion. She designs learning content and experiences that make it easy and accessible for learners to build new skills and understand new information. Kate has an intentional and refined approach to building learning opportunities, collaborating alongside organizations and their subject matter experts to develop opportunities for meaningful and impactful learning. Her experience includes face to face and online modes of learning.


Creating opportunities for connection and exploration is the foundation of Kate’s facilitation methodology.  She supports teams through process, planning, brainstorming, decision-making, innovative and visionary meetings. Together they build a clear intentional and purposeful road map of deliverables and expectations, then she creatively develops an agenda, including exploratory activities and processes that spark interaction, dialogue and innovative solutions. Kate is purposeful with including a blend of reflective and forward thinking activities, both individual and team focused to support the organization’s mission.


Education is Kate’s expertise; she provides valuable advice, research and analysis on organization’s current programs and processes to support their learning and development related decisions. She conducts needs assessments, listening and understanding staff and stakeholders goals and view point. Then she researches and reviews product and systems that will best support the organization’s learning objective. She blends her knowledge of learning pedagogy (methods of learning and teaching), with current technology and education trends, all while considering the organization’s culture and intentions.

Kate On The Mat

Classes, Workshops & Courses

Kate teaches Vinyasa, Yin and Mindfulness Workshops in person, as well as mindfulness and personal development offerings online.  She teaches at various studios in Victoria, BC. Click here for her teaching schedule.

Corporate Yoga & Mindfulness

Create and nurture a culture of well-being and health by integrating yoga and mindfulness into the workplace. Kate guides you through movement that is accessible for all, and stillness to relax the body and mind. A great way to increase energy, concentration, focus and good posture.

Youth Yoga & Mindfulness Classes

Kate uses yoga as a tool to dive into self-discovery, self-regulation and mindfulness. She integrates movement and breathing, with a healthy dose of playfulness and fun to keep students engaged and learning.

Connect With Me

Please reach out to connect and discuss collaboration. Together we can design and develop an offering, book a yoga class, sign you up for a course, or co-create together.

Say hello. I look forward to connecting with you.

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