I have known Kate as a teacher for several years. She brings such a down to earth focus and ease to yoga and practice that I absolutely connect with and it’s obvious that others do too.  Her beauty, grace, passion and brilliance are an example to all of us.  Through her I have learned to live with compassion for myself and others.  Kate is a natural teacher and a constant inspiration.  Teachers offer so much of themselves for very little reward, other than helping us grown through our practice.  Kate has helped me work to accept my limitations while still pushing myself to grow and learn, without sacrificing form to achieve the appearance of proficiency.  She inspires me with her athleticism, combined with grace, and readings to help me think outside myself and grow beyond my own self-limiting thoughts.

Heather Devereaux

Human Resource Administration , Sooke School Board

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment that Kate and I met, but I can guarantee that from the moment Kate came into my life, I have shifted the lens in which I view each day, and often times each moment. Kate’s subtle way of sharing her wisdom is what makes her magic, the way she moves, and sprinkles insight into her teachings has left me coming back for more. I originally signed up for Kate’s mindfulness series, with the intention of having “something to do” on my Wednesday evening, and found myself convincing my coworkers and friends to be registered for the next session. Kate’s voice is soft, her transparency and vulnerability welcomes everyone in her space to begin to crack the shell of their own armour and her guidance of the physical practice of yoga is nurturing to every body with any level of experience. Thank you Kate for coming into my life and reminding me that being mindful is a daily practice.

Nicole Mclellan

Founder Om Work Project, Educator, Author


In her role as Learning and Development Specialist, Kate continues to exceed expectations! Hired to take the lead on the development of a strategy for staff training, Kate balances the needs and interests of multiple stakeholders to lead the development of a robust staff training program and curriculum in a complex and often ambiguous environment. Kate is a skilled listener, a careful and critical thinker, a strong project manager and a warm and authentic leader. She uses her talent and her deep understanding of curriculum and development frameworks in combination with her exceptional coaching approach to deliver a product that ensures staff are well supported, training outcomes are met and in turn, business objectives are met. It is an absolute pleasure working with Kate and I look forward to collaborating with her on projects for years to come.

Crysta Walski

VP of Human Resources , WCG

Kate brings her passion for learning and teaching and a clear focus on learning outcomes to her work with students, staff, and faculty at RRU. Kate and I have collaborated on the design and facilitation of Career Development workshops and online resources regularly over the last year. I have always appreciated her desire to innovate and the intention with which she approaches all aspects of her job. She is a natural facilitator and equally skilled in individual coaching. A true colleague.

Danielle McCann

Facilitator & Work Integrated Advisor, Royal Roads University