I have known Kate as an instructor for several years. She brings such a down to earth focus and ease to yoga and practice that I absolutely connect with and it’s obvious that others do too.  Her beauty, grace, passion and brilliance are an example to all of us.  Through her I have learned to live with compassion for myself and others.  Kate is a natural teacher and a constant inspiration.  Teachers offer so much of themselves for very little reward, other than helping us grown through our practice.  Kate has helped me work to accept my limitations while still pushing myself to grow and learn, without sacrificing form to achieve the appearance of proficiency.  She inspires me with her athleticism, combined with grace, and readings to help me think outside myself and grow beyond my own self-limiting thoughts.

H Devereaux

Kate is a deeply connected, intelligent and compassionate yoga teacher. Her expertise, sense of humour and down to earth personality bring lightness to the depth from where she teaches. Kate does not take a ‘one size fits all approach’ to teaching. Her observations inform her how to best support and adjust each student in her class.

Kate’s instruction has reminded me of why I got into yoga in the first place. She leads a strong, invigorating practice while simultaneously challenging the mind and providing a safe place for emotions to flow. I love the little anecdotes she shares. It is encouraging to know that yoga teachers also face challenges in their daily lives and how they use yoga to address them.

V. O’Malley


Kate has a way of teaching that makes every person in her class comfortable. She has a modern and realistic state of mind as well as a kind and welcoming heart, which is truly a gift for any student who is lucky enough to share a practice with her.

Her classes are well thought out and uniquely designed and are a flawless combination of rhythmic flow and exceptional music. Her dedication to the yoga lifestyle is what allows her to flawlessly teach a class that will speak to your soul.

L. Parsons

My exposure to Kate Landreth’s yoga teaching is having a valuable impact on my life both physically and mentally.  The improvements that her classes have brought have been unbelievable.

Being a male who is rather new to yoga, Kate’s encouragement and gentle approach have made me very comfortable in a short period of time, helping put to bed any emotional insecurity that played with my mind. I have quickly seen the benefits of yoga with my overall health and general well being. I am very thankful to Kate for opening me up to this. Slowly I am gaining more confidence with her passionate teaching, and enjoying a sense of joy at the same time. I highly recommend Kate’s classes to anyone. They are a complete experience of a mixture of physical, spiritual and mental euphoria. It is hard not to have a big sweaty smile on after class.

Also I have reaped huge benefits of Kate’s teaching with my running. Gaining much needed strength and flexibility in my body. It is incredible the difference that her classes are making on my body. Thank you Kate for showing this beautiful experience to me!

J. Dvorak