I added this lesson into my curriculum recently and my students really enjoyed it. I did this activity with students ranging from grades 4-8 and I feel kids and teens alike would enjoy it. This activity requires beads and string.

The intention with mindful art is to pay attention to what you are doing and notice your senses.

Allow students time to select beads that they like. Encourage students to notice their senses. Feel the beads between your fingers, do they have a texture? Look at the different colours and shapes. You may even smell the beads, do they have a scent? If you have juniper beads, each student can have one and you can add a drop of an essential oil to that bead. Each student will choose a pattern and string the beads slowly, one at a time.

Take students through a breathing exercise where they slowly move their fingers over the beads and stop at each one to take a slow breath in and breath out. The bracelet is a reminder to come back to your breath when you need to calm yourself.

The bracelet can also be used for other mindfulness techniques, such as noticing sensations (touching each bead to feel it, looking to see the differences between beads, or smelling the scent on the juniper bead) and a gratitude practice (name one thing you are grateful for with each bead).