Rose, Thorn and Bud Reflection

During my mindfulness classes within schools we practice insight and reflection to start to understand ourselves better. Self-reflection is a way to build a relationship with self. It means taking a look inward not only to what we may deem ‘good’, but also looking at the shadow parts of our being (which we all have). The aim in creating this container of reflection and insight is to better understand oneself and offer self-compassion and empathy inward. This takes practice.

Part of teachings reflection is mindfulness check ins, which is quiet time to pause and reflect either after a class, a day, a week, etc. The mindfulness check-in sheet offers a safe space to reflect on the rose, thorn and bud moments. The rose section are highlights or positive notes, the thorn section are challenges, stressful situations or difficulties, and the bud section are opportunities, inspiration or interests.

The cornerstone of mindfulness is to notice sensation and feelings in the body, with no-judgement. We notice simply to be aware. When you offer this to your students, your children, or yourself, please pause after you write each section to notice where you feel this in your body. Does it have a colour? Does it have an energy or frequency? This activity offers an opportunity to talk about emotions, feelings and sensations. It also helps children (and adults) build language around emotions. For example, “My thorn right now is that I really miss seeing my friends right now and seeing them on snap chat just doesn’t feel the same. It makes me feel like I am missing out. I feel sad and tired, like I can’t focus on anything very long.”