It is often during stressful or uncertain times that we find ourselves reaching to habits and routines that are easy, familiar and safe to us. Some of these routines or habits support our well-being, providing a sense of comfort, support and stability. While other habits, albeit sometimes with good intent, may have the opposite effect for your mental and physical well-being. For example, my intention with going on social media is to connect and see my friends and family that I miss dearly, however often I am left feeling like I am not ‘doing’ enough, cue more mindless scrolling. If you, like myself, have found yourself on your phone or computer more than you would like during this uncertain time, know that you are not alone. I write these words not to evoke guilt over social media or cookie consumption (pointing the finger at me) but to bring awareness to how such things add to or take away from your well-being.

This love note is pieced together from my personal journal entry on my current consumption inventory. Consider what is contributing to your stress levels and what is contributing to your well-being? What do you have control over?


Mindful consumption includes the diet of your body, mind and sensory experiences. Questions to consider: What are you consuming through media? What are you consuming through reading? What are you consuming through conversations? What are you consuming through food? And how does this add to your well-being or ill-being? 

Nourishing Consumption

Stressful Consumption

In your journal draw a simple chart and start to reflect on these two columns- nourishing and stressful consumption. And what do you have control over? The aim is to bring awareness to these areas, with no-judgement. That’s it. If you feel like making small adjustments would support you, do that. If you feel like simply noticing and becoming more conscious of these habits supports you, great! Self-care is unique for everyone, please create your own tool-kit filled with techniques and routines that best support you right now. And I emphasize, ‘right now’, as what will support you today, may look different from yesterday. Checking-in your consumption can be part of your daily reflections.